In Cairns for Northern Nats, Steven Loader and Andrew Lynch try each other’s cars for the first time


WOULD you toss your car keys to a mate knowing they were going to smash the tyres off your ride? Well, that’s what happened up at the inaugural Northern Nats at Springmount Raceway in Cairns last weekend, as Andrew Lynch and Steven Loader swapped burnout rigs for Saturday’s skid session.

This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision either; these good mates have been flirting with the idea of driving each other’s cars for around two years. And since such a massive crowd turned out on Saturday to see the best burnout beasts in the country take to the pad, the pair reckoned they should give them a show.

Northern Nats LynchySo Loader lined up first behind the wheel of Lynchy’s LS-powered Corolla. He had a few dramas figuring out the gear shift and plucked neutral during his tip-in, which got him off to a messy start, but eventually he figured it out and came close to destroying both hoops. Lynchy wanted to see what his car looked like from the outside doing a burnout, so he sat up in the crowd cheering like a madman – right up until the tailshaft snapped out of the diff housing. Oops!

Later in the evening, Lynchy took off in Loader’s monstrous blown and injected UCSMOKE, his first time skidding a blown car. I tell you what, he was not messing about, swinging the big HT Prem around like his little Corolla and driving the thing like a pro. Loader was too nervous to ride shotgun with Lynchy in his own car, so he joined the crowd too. And how did Lynchy pay back Loader for smashing his tailshaft? He broke Loader’s auto. So everything’s even!

Check out the video to see Lynchy driving UCSMOKE and Steve driving the LYNCHY Corolla, and stick around to see the boys’ reactions afterwards.