Custom Holden Monaros

Developed from a few scrawls on the wall of Holden’s then-new Technical Centre, awards and accolades quickly followed its release, with the new HK Monaro coupe taking out Wheels magazine’s Car of the Year award in 1968, also winning Holden its first Bathurst and backing it up the following year in the updated HT.

Initially lean and lithe, the Monaro aged like Elvis, getting fatter as the years went on. Technically the Monaro-badged coupe bowed out in 1975 with the HJ Monaro GTS, while nameplate lived-on for a tad longer on the HX GTS Monaro sedan until late in 1977.

The Monaro name returned officially in 2001 with the V2 CV8 Monaro, going through several different interations and also being exported overseas badged as either a Pontiac or Vauxhall, until bowing out with the rest of the VZ range in 2006 to make way for the new VE platform.

HG Holden Monaro
Dave Bennett's Rat Attack HQ Monaro
Al Bundy Lucas HQ Monaro
Bill Murfin HK Monaro
Bongo HG Monaro
Sam Zullo Holden HT Monaro