1234rwhp Vortech blown VT Commodore dyno – Video

Mark Sass's crazy VT Commodore runs a crank driven Vortech supercharger which is good for over 1200hp at the tyres


WE LAST saw Mark Sass’s VT Commodore at Street Machine Drag Challenge in 2016 where it broke into the eight-second zone with a 402ci iron-block LS and Vortech V7 belt-driven blower setup. Since then he has taken a break from drag racing while completely revamping LSXWAR for a lot more horsepower and hopefully some faster times down the quarter.

 The new combo is a 427ci Dart LSX mill – with a crank-mounted 112mm Vortech V28 centrifugal supercharger front and centre! The car runs without an intercooler and drinks E85 fuel.

 The mechanical mayhem that LSXWAR now creates at full noise is something to behold. There is no way your average roller dyno was going to do the job, so Mark took the car to Herrod Performance to tune it on their 4000hp Mainline hub dyno.

Mark was happy with the result and we can’t wait to see how the car performs and sounds on the dragstrip. Mark has done engines for plenty of other tough cars in Melbourne, including Trav Grace’s stunning ’55 Chev and Jay Bloss’s Gemini.