1000hp blown 350 Chev on the dyno – video

James North's new blown and injected 350 Chev on the dyno at Adicted Performance


THE LS motor might be all the rage these days, but the 350 Chev is still one of the most bulletproof small-block V8s on the planet, which makes them great for burnout combinations where motors cop an absolute hiding. James North has been revamping his FRYZEM Torana, including the build of a new 8/71 blown small-block.

The boys at Adicted Performance in Hallam, Victoria have been assembled the new setup, which includes a Dart Little M block stuffed with a Scat crank and rods and JE pistons. It’s a standard-stroke combo measuring 350-cubes, topped with AFR cylinder heads and an Enderle injector hat. Running methanol and a custom solid roller cam, the motor made a tickle over 1000hp at 7000rpm and 785ft-lb of torque on Adicted’s engine dyno. With the new cam it holds a big torque figure right across the rev range, making it an ideal setup for skids.

James is hoping to have the new motor in his FRYZEM Torana ready for Lardner Park Motorfest next month.