2500hp AMS Alpha G Nissan GT-R becomes the first GT-R to run a six-second quarter mile


THE AMS Performance Alpha G Nissan GT-R piloted by Gidi Chamdi became the quickest GT-R and quickest all-wheel drive car in the world at the Texas 2K17 event this weekend. There have been around six different workshops in America and the United Arab Emirates that have been locked in a battle to be the first to run a six-second quarter-mile in a GT-R and over the last two or three months the records have tumbled almost on a weekly basis. That’s how fierce this competition is, or was.

The AMS Alpha G GT-R ran a 6.93 @ 196mph at Texas’s Royal Purple Raceway over the weekend, resetting the world record for an all-wheel drive car and Nissan GT-Rs. The car runs a custom billet Nissan-based V6 engine with twin Garrett GTX turbos that can pump up to 70psi! Like many at the sharp end of the GT-R scene, the AMS crew are secretive about the exact specifications, right down to engine and turbo size.

It makes somewhere north of 2500rwhp and the fuel of choice is methanol. The car uses a six-speed sequential gearbox and a tough as nails all-wheel drive system. A bunch of custom carbon fiber body parts help in keeping the car as light as possible. Like most of the super-fast GT-Rs, Gidi’s car runs slicks on the rear and radials on the front.

In testing on the first day of the Texas 2K17 meeting, Alpha G experienced an engine fire, and then later in the event they hurt a second motor. On their third engine of the event, Gidi and the AMS crew got the six-second pass they’ve been chasing since revealing the Alpha G at Texas 2K16 last year. We reckon there might still be more to come, as the car has seen over 200mph in the quarter before.