Video: Quickest Holden V8

World's quickest Holden V8 runs 8.01 at 175.9mph


JAWS were dropped at Calder Park last weekend when Andrew Darby’s twin turbo Holden V8-powered VK Commodore wagon ran 8.01 at 175.9mph over the standing quarter mile. That makes it the quickest Holden V8-powered sedan-type-vehicle in the country, and probably the world.

Our calculations reckon that Andrew is making around 1400hp, and that’s not bad considering he’s using a factory block casting that wasn’t designed to make over 300hp. It’s a hell of an achievement!

We’d love to say that Andrew’s wagon was the quickest outright, but Peter Deguara’s supercharged altered dragster is the quicker. But let’s face it, that’s a fair bit lighter, and it doesn’t even have doors. Click play and watch it launch like a rocket.