Michael Mark's 'stock' VS SS Commodore is quicker than you think


EVERYONE loves a sleeper. There’s something ingrained into our psyche that loves a car that looks stock, but can outrun a Porsche 911 Turbo, and without the $300,000 price tag as well.

So check out Michael Marks’s VS SS Commodore. We noticed the very stock appearing Commodore sedan at the Holden Powered Nationals at Heathcote last weekend, and after hearing some ‘boosty-type’ noises we decided to check it out. So imagine our surprise when we looked in the engine bay and saw a dead stock appearing five-litre engine. There was no turbo to be seen anywhere; but it does have one. There’s a Garrett GT4094R tucked up under the front guard and the boosted air runs through a blacked out intercooler before feeding into the engine via intake piping hidden inside the stock airbox and factory intake.

The engine itself is a 355ci stroker with a ‘bunch o’ bananas’ intake and cast iron heads, and with just 9psi boost the combo produces around 360rwkw (just over 480rwhp for you older guys) and we saw it run 11.1 at 130mph – not bad for its first time out. Michael is hoping for lower ETs once he sorts out the bugs but we were pretty impressed by the package, especially the stock appearing interior. Apart from the few extra gauges the car looks dead stock inside, right down to the factory shift handle on top of the B&M Pro Ratchet shifter controlling the Turbo 400 transmission.

What’s the best sleeper you’ve ever seen? Comment below.