Seven-second VT Commodore street car – Video

John Elfes's VT Commodore has run deep into the sevens after just a few race meetings


JOHN Elfes and the boys from CV Performance have come from nowhere with their twin-turbo LS-powered VT Commodore street car, and are now well into the seven-second zone. After just a handful of racing meets, the car has run a PB of 7.59@183mph, achieved at Sydney Dragway last week.

 The VT started life as a base-model LS1 car, but now runs a 400ci iron-block LS boosted by a pair of Precision 6870 turbos. It’s a fairly basic set-up and retains factory VE cylinder heads – albeit ported for better flow – topped off by an Edelbrock intake manifold. The whole deal runs on E85 and is controlled through a FuelTech ECU.

The LS donk is backed by a two-speed ’Glide, and the factory IRS has been ditched in favour of a tougher nine-inch solid rear end equipped with 275 radial tyres.

 John races the car in street trim with a full interior and electric windows; it tips the scales at around 1700kg. As you’ll see in the video, the thing launches like a monster for a big heavy thing and has no trouble carrying the front wheels.

John ran his first seven-second pass in the car about a month ago, when it went 7.99@175mph, followed by a 7.91@176mph. Since then it has gone 7.67@182mph at Grudge Kings two weekends ago, and now that 7.59@183mph last week – the rate of progress has been very impressive and we have a feeling there’s more to come.

“It’s an all new setup and we’ve had very little testing, so to run this fast already is great. To say we’re happy is an understatement,” said John. “Big thanks to C&V Performance and RC Masters for the help with this project.”