Nine-second turbo Ford Territory – Video

Daily driver Ford Territory turbo runs nines down the quarter - what a sleeper!


AS FAR as we’re concerned, there are only two ways to make a big ol’ Ford Territory fourbie go fast. You either take a reciprocating saw to it and cut it to pieces before hitting it with nitrous for a laugh – as we did in a recent episode of Carnage – or you find a turbo example and crank up the boost. Stathi Kavadias from Independent Motorsports in Morwell, Victoria has gone down the latter route – unsurprising given his Ford Territory serves as daily transport.

 What is surprising though is just how quick his car is. At the drag strip, Stathi’s Territory has run a PB of 9.87@144mph and he has ambitions of running 9.0s in the near future. The current combo is a built 4.0-litre Barra motor with a BorgWarner S300 turbo and water/methanol injection, which is good for around 870hp at all four treads.

 It still retains the factory all-wheel-drive system – which means a single-spinner front differential – and six-speed auto, albeit toughened up to cop the extra grunt. However, a new combo is on the way, which Stathi hopes will cut his quarter-mile times.

The Territory made an appearance at the recent Drag Battle event at Cootamundra Airport, which was a no prep-style gig. Check out the video to see it in action and a pretty wild spin off the track!