Mo-Kan Fuel Altered drags – Video

Arby checks out the Mo-Kan drags over the Labor Day Weekend

Photographers: Luke Nieuwhof
Videographers: Luke Nieuwhof

OVER the Labor Day weekend in America, the locals are either having a barbeque, hanging out at the lake or racing. And in central USA, if racing is your thing, the Mo-Kan drags in Asbury, Missouri is the place to be.

Street Machine’s own Mark ‘Arby’ Arblaster is currently over in the States with his POR440 turbo LS-powered Valiant, about to take on Hot Rod Drag Week 2018. But to get to the startline he’s taking a big roadtrip across the country, driving from Kansas to Atlanta, Georgia in a 1968 Dodge pick-up he bought to tow his Valiant to the event.

 Along the way Arby has stopped off to check out some Top Fuel drag boat racing, and over the Labor Day weekend he made Mo-Kan number one on his priority list. Over the weekend they had some crazy fuel altered machines on the eighth-mile country track; these are the event’s main attraction, but there were plenty of tough street and sportsman-style racers to keep fans interested.

The scene over there is pretty different from what we’re used to at home, with a lot of old-school big-tyre, carburettor and nitrous cars, as opposed to the small radial-tyre street cars with turbos and EFI that are prevalent here. There’s almost a nostalgia vibe to the whole event.

Stay tuned for more of Arby’s USA adventures as he makes his way toward Hot Rod Drag Week 2018 to represent Australia along with 10 other Aussie teams, including Harry Haig in the Aussie Chevelle, John Faraone in his Charger, Ben Neal in the Mighty Car Mods Cresta, the ‘10s in 10 days’ FPV F6 ute and more!

And a note from Mo-Kan’s Craig Blanton, which he posted on our YouTube channel:

Thanks for coming to Mo-Kan guys! Next time you are there, pop up to the tower, we’d love to meet you all! A couple quick corrections. While many classes run 1/8th mile, we do still have and run 1/4 mile as well. Just depends on the class or circuit. Oh, and Mo-Kan is simply short for Missouri and Kansas. Since we are not far from the border of the two states. Keep up the good work! I look forward to the videos you produce each week.

Thanks, Craig! We’d love to catch up with this Valiant gasser next time:

Photographers: Luke Nieuwhof
Videographers: Luke Nieuwhof