Luke Foley's VH Commodore becomes the quickest alloy 6.0-litre LS-powered car in Victoria


A FEW weeks ago we saw Luke Foley’s VH Commodore on the dyno at MPW Performance and Race Fab. The 6.0-litre alloy standard headed LS motor boosted by a pair of 62mm Turbonetics turbos made a tickle over 960rwhp – more than the combo had ever seen before. Having previously run a best time of 8.77 @ 153mph at Street Machine Drag Challenge last year, Luke was confident that the car would go quicker than ever next time it saw a race track.

 Last Friday night Luke had the car out at Calder Park for the test and tune session and she was on song. First pass of the night yielded an 8.72 @ 159mph – quicker and 6mph faster despite a soft launch and nowhere near the power we saw on the rollers two weeks earlier. Next run was a bit sketchy with the rear of the car lifting off the deck before the finish line and Luke pulling the parachute early, though it still went through for an 8.8 @ 155mph.

For his last pass of the night Luke decided to swap his big 325 radials for 275s and she hooked up no dramas and went through the gates for an 8.51 @ 162mph. Bingo! That’s full street trim, electric windows, steel cage, factory control arm rear end and an alloy 6.0-litre block. The VH is now the quickest alloy LS-powered car in Victoria and only a tenth shy of being the quickest in the country! “I only know one car in the country with an alloy block that has gone quicker and it did an 8.46,” said Luke.