Scott Taylor brings us the highlights of Day Two of Hot Rod Drag Week 2016

Videographers: Scott TAYLOR

THANKS to a dose of Dayquil Cold & Flu, Street Machine’s Scott Taylor was able to battle through his man-flu and put together a very cool video of the action from Day Two of Hot Rod Drag Week from Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Scotty was seriously impressed by the facilities at the track, but was unable to take up their famous ‘one pound of Velvet ice cream for one dollar’ offer due to his condition. The offer has been in place since 1987, and the track serves 50,000lb of the stuff each year, but Scotty could only look on enviously at the long lines of punters waiting for their share.

Drag -week -day -2-5Of course, there is much more to Drag Week than ice cream. Check out Rick Steinke’s ’67 Chevelle, dubbed ‘Honk If Parts Fall Off’, running in Modified Power Adder. It ran a blistering 8.56@161mph on Day Two. What a sleeper!

Drag -week -day -2-9Mike Meyers’s ’69 Chev Corvair rolled out of the factory with an air-cooled six jammed in the back, but these days it is running a ProCharged 6.0L LS motor! It ran a 10.85@129mph in Street Machine Eliminator.

Drag -week -day -2-20We’re not afraid to declare that we are in love with Danny Allen’s ’65 Chevrolet Nova wagon; there is just something about it! It ran a 10.08@146mph on Day Two, running in Modified Power Adder.