Eight-second RB-powered LC Torana on 235 radials – Video

Troy Wyton's RB30/25 turbo powered LC Torana is an eight-second street car


HERE you go, kiddies: Troy Wyton’s Torry is a mid-eight-second car that’s genuinely street-driven on a regular basis! “Its first time on the track was last weekend at Willowbank where it ran 9.80@100mph,” Troy says. “I backed off at half-track because it doesn’t have a ’cage!”

 If you just glanced at the little more-door, you wouldn’t think there’d be a lot of go hiding beneath that rather sedate-looking dark blue metallic paint and skinny 235 radials, but you’d be dead wrong. The motor consists of an RB30 bottom end, an RB25 head and Garrett GT35 turbo combo that runs on pump E85.

“It makes a bit of steam,” Troy says nonchalantly. Apparently “a bit of steam” translates to a very serious 768rwhp through the ’Glide and nine-inch!

 “I tracked down Justin Wilkinson from JW Automotive – he’s the best in the business – and he did all the piping, tuning of the Link ECU and specced it all up for me,” Troy continues. “A mate of mine Damen put the motor together for me, Lee Loose helped out with a lot of the fabrication elsewhere in the car.” Most of it was built at home in the shed.

Last weekend Troy made the trek down to Heathcote Park Raceway in Victoria for the Holden Nationals, and all the hours spent on the road down from Queensland paid off when he pedalled the LC to a new PB of 8.84@151mph!