Jack Whittley's R31 Nissan Skyline runs mid eights with a tough old RB30 and giant turbo!


JACK Whittley and the boys from AGI Automotive were out at the Holden-Powered Nationals in their R31 Skyline a couple of weekends ago. What’s a Nissan doing at the Holden-Powered Nats? Well, it’s rocking an RB30 motor, so it’s only slightly less Australian than a VL Commodore. Plus it was quick as hell, so no one was too mad about it.

Jack’s Skyline retains the factory single-cam RB30 block and cylinder head, but uses a forged bottom end rotating assembly built by the guys at Dandy Engines. Hanging off the side of the motor is a giant Precision 8285 turbo pushing 45psi through an ice intercooler and Plazmaman intake manifold and plenum. It runs a solid camshaft and standard cylinder head ports. All up the dirty 30 is good for a monstrous 940rwhp – enough to get the car deep into the eights!

 The Nissan donk is backed up by a transbraked two-speed Powerglide built by MDT Transmissions and it drives a nine-inch rear end. Interestingly, the car still retains the factory suspension mounting points with Menscer shocks, and Jack squeezes a pair of 275 Pro Radial tyres in the standard wheel tubs. Jack was running the factory BorgWarner diff housing up until a few months ago, and it ran 8.6@158mph with that set-up!

“I’ve had the car for three years now and I built it with a bunch of mates; Dandy Engines did the machine work and Stix at Quickbitz tunes the Haltech ECU,” Jack said.

The Saturday before the Holden-Powered Nats, the car destroyed a cylinder head during testing. Fortunately the boys at Dandy Engines were quick to machine up a fresh head ready for the Nats, where the Skyline seemed to be on a mission. Last pass of the day, Jack ran a new PB of 8.55@151mph, breaking a rocker at three-quarter track. His highest mph for the day was actually 167mph, so there’s plenty more left in this thing.

Check out the video from the guys at Fullboost.