Victorian Harry Haig has one of the craziest tough street cars in the country


VICTORIAN Harry Haig has one of the craziest tough street cars in the country. It’s wheel lifting launches and ability to take a different line every time it fires down the quarter has earnt POP666 a legion of fans.

When Harry heard we were doing Drag Challenge last year he decided to join us halfway through for a bit of fun with his crazy barn-find HQ sedan. He spend a whole five minutes prepping for the trip.

“I dragged the trailer out of the paddock and found a pair of drag radials that the dog had been pissing on for six months,” Harry says. With a bag of zip ties, a couple drums of E85 and a few tools he hit the road with his mate Long John Megahorne (probably not his real name). They weren’t in the running for any prizes; they were just there for a bit of a laugh.

During VPW Drag Challenge 2014 the HQ was packing a 510ci big block Chev with a GT4788 and managed a 9.0 at 158mph before spontaneously combusting after a fuel fitting let go at Heathcote Raceway. The fire caused a bit of damage with all the wiring and gauges being sacrificed to the racing gods.

Since then Harry’s got it all back together and upped the ante with a Pro-mod spec 98mm turbo. “I needed something to chase all these LS boys down,” he says, and recently at Heathcote the new combo showed some of its potential with a ball tearing 8.52 at 168mph. So who’s chasing who?