Anthony Trevaskis’s wild blown big-block powered EH Holden runs eights at Heathcote


THIS car is flipping mental. It’s Anthony Trevaskis’s EH Holden AGRO64 which is packing a 540-cube big-block Chev, and as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a big 14/71 blower strapped on top. It’s a combo that’s good for north of 1500hp and, as Anthony found out last weekend at Heathcote, eight second quarter mile times.

“I’ve never really been able to run a clean quarter mile pass with the car, every time I’ve taken it out it either wheel spins the whole way down the track or something breaks!” said Anthony. Last weekend at the Marsh Rodders Fun Day at Heathcote Anthony managed a couple of mid eight second passes – when the front wheels weren’t pulled clean off the track.

Keen readers of the mag will no doubt be familiar with AGRO64 as it featured on the front cover back in April 2010. Anthony has made a few changes since then, namely the old 8/71 blower was swapped for a larger 14/71 and new Weld wheels fitted.