Watch Steve Costa's blown big-block old-style gasser '57 Chev monster in action during the Marsh Rodders drag day at Heathcote

Photographers: Bright Design

NOSTALIGIA racing is fun for a lot of reasons. The cars harken back to the good old days when sex was safe and racing was dangerous, and as mad as it is to think about, we love a bit of dangerous racing. Modern race cars are ballistically fast but a little too clinical for many of us, and that’s why old style gassers like Steve Costa’s ’57 Chev are so appealing.

Blaster -57-drag -2Steve’s gasser isn’t exactly fast but it looks great with its blown big block, solid front axle, chopped roof and shiny paint. The car is stupidly overpowered for its chassis but it is exciting to watch and Steve reckons it’s a hell of a lot of fun to drive. So exciting that he had to add wheelie bars to the big Chevy because it kept trying to climb up on to its boot lid. Even with the new wheelie bars set low the car still wants to climb the walls. It’s the most exciting 11-second car we’ve ever seen and we got to see the Chevy smoking tyres and popping wheelies at Heathcote Park during the Marsh Rodders drag day last weekend.

Blaster -57-drag -3For those that like their cars just a bit different the Marsh Rodders day is one of the best events on the Victorian racing calendar. We’ll be bringing you more from the event over the next week or so, but make sure you check it out in person next year.