Andrew Sanders's turbo Hemi six-powered Centura runs sevens at Calder Park


WE’VE talked about Andrew Sanders turbo Hemi six-powered Centura before; it’s an old school ride with a few modern tricks and it reels off seven-second time slips with relative ease. We featured it in Street Machine September 2014 and its previous best time was 7.88@171mph.

Pretty impressive stuff from an inline six that still uses pushrods and two valves per cylinder, but Andrew wants more so he has just put the finishing touches on his new billet head. The Centura has already stripped a couple tenths from its eighth-mile time at Portland, however Andrew was keen to see what it would do on the quarter mile at Calder Park.

The first run saw the Centura leap off the line and then scorched the tyres before heading towards the other lane, which meant Andrew had to get off the gas, but he quickly straightened it up and stomped the pedal for an [email protected]. They chased a fuel pressure issue for a while in the pits before heading back out and laying down a [email protected]. Not as quick as its best time, which was run at Sydney Dragway, but the mph is definitely up and the boys are confident that they can strip some time off the quarter mile soon enough.

Make sure to turn up the volume and listen to that turbocharged Hemi six scream, and watch all the way to the end to go for a ride with Andrew as he runs that 7.95-second pass.