Jess Beckham's nitrous LSX-powered LC Torana runs eights at Heathcote


JESS Beckham came down from Queensland for the Holden Powered Nationals at Heathcote on Saturday along with his mate and fellow green LC owner Jason Cowan. Jess’s Torana has only recently been finished with the nitrous setup and is already running seriously quick times down the quarter. At his home track of Willowbank in Queensland, Jess has run a best of 8.73 out of just a handful of time slips.

 Under the bonnet is a 434ci LSX with a 250 shot direct-port nitrous setup built by Hi-Torque Performance on the Gold Coast. Aspirated it makes right around 550rwhp and on the giggle gas it’s up to 700rwhp. The rest of the combo consists of a Powerglide and nine-inch rear end setup.

 Jess couldn’t quite match his PB from Willowbank down at Heathcote with the cooler temps perhaps not quite playing to his favour on the suspension and tyre pressure side of things. But still an 8.84 @ 151.67mph is pretty damn good.

 Unfortunately an electrical gremlin put a stop on play later in the afternoon, so Jess couldn’t compete in the finals. He’ll be back on track soon gunning for that 8.5-second run he’s after from the car.