It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a 3500hp Pro Mod C7 Corvette! Andrew Alepa’s race car involved in nasty wreck at Tulsa Raceway


IT’S a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a 3500hp pro mod C7 Corvette! Andrew Alepa’s C7 Corvette was a real contender at Lights Out in the states earlier this year where it was running 3.7-seconds down the eighth at over 200mph with the front wheels barely touching the track the whole run. The 548ci big-block Hemi boosted by twin 102mm Precision Pro Mod turbos seems to meld nicely with the slippery C7 Corvette body, though keeping it glued to the track seems to be a serious issue.

At Lights Out it pulled the front wheels clean off the deck at around half-track doing some pretty serious speed, though driver Daniel Pharris was able to back off and pull the ‘chute before the wheelstand became unrecoverable. This time ‘round at Tulsa Raceway for the Radial Revenge event, he wasn’t quite as lucky.

Before half track the ‘Vette was standing on the rear wheels and it got up there real fast! Daniel Pharris had no time to back out of it and once all four wheels were off the deck he was just along for the ride – airborne at something like 150mph. The front clip tore off while the car was in mid-air which may have helped prevent the Corvette from flipping over completely while catching some hang-time.

Amazingly Daniel was able to walk away from the crash almost immediately, letting himself out of the car and flicking the external kill switch as the medical and clean-up crew rushed to his aid. Brandon Pesz in the blown Pro Mod Camaro in the other lane was also well out of the way, having backed out of his run after lifting the front wheels off the line himself. We’re glad to see no one was hurt, this could have been one nasty wreck!