Video: Mega parts haul for the Carnage projects!

In this episode of Carnage, we take a look at a stack of parts ready to go on our many projects from VPW Australia

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

There’s almost no better feeling than having car parts show up at your doorstep. This episode of Carnage is just that on steroids, as we go through a stack of gear from VPW Australia that’ll be finding its way into a bunch of our projects.

Big-ticket items include a lot of bits for the 1UZ Lexcen wagon. VPW’s Proflow range hooked us up with a bunch of three-inch tubing and bends, Teflon hose, vacuum line and a beautiful 600x300x100 Proflow intercooler.

The Trolvo also got some love in the loot, including some Proflow hood latches. The Trolvo has a tendency to try and ejecto-seato the bonnet at the dragstrip, so these slick latches should remedy that issue. It also scored a killer set of black Street Pro front spinners to replace the heavy steelies it currently has, and we’ve got a matching pair of rears on order to really toughen up the look of this brick.

Adding breathers to factory rocker covers without some welding can be tricky, so Proflow came up with this neat oil cap solution. We’ve got one for both LS and Barra, and all you do is replace the original oil cap with the Proflow one, plumb some AN lines to it and you’re done. Easy! We also got an SFI-approved flexplate for the fresh Barra we’re about to put together for Turbo Taxi, so watch this space.

Proflow also do a whole range of workshop tools, so we got ourselves their pipe beading tool. Plug it into any vice, stick your piping in and within minutes you’ll have some fresh beads that’ll handle plenty of boost without busting a gut.

VPW also carries a bunch of race wear as part of their Proforce range. Scotty grabbed a pair of Proforce boots and a neck collar, because with cars like the MX-5 and Trolvo in our stable there’s plenty of neck-snapping potential!

With all the beautiful bits unboxed, the next step is to get them onto the cars – so make sure you tune into future episodes of Carnage to see us fit these bad boys up; and a big thanks to our sponsor VPW Australia, who not only supplied all these parts but also make all of our antics possible.