Video: The engine goes into Scotty’s Valiant ute

Part 13 of Scotty’s Carnage VE Valiant ute build

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

After four meaty episodes of Carnage where we watched Scotty build up an angry 318ci small-block Chrysler, the time has finally come to fit the mill to his dad’s old VE Valiant ute.

Scotty did dummy-fit the engine way back when we first started the project and the mill was only a short block, but this time things were more serious, as he had heads, extractors and the transmission to all be massaged into place.

Sure enough, after bolting the SFI flexplate and A999 auto ’box onto the back of the 318, it was obvious the engine mounts were too high.

The Tuff Mounts engine mounts we used for this conversion are actually designed for an AP6/VC style of Valiant chassis, and while they were pretty close to making the driveline fit, Scotty had to lob about one inch of the bottom eyelets. Now the donk sat low enough to stop the bellhousing hitting the top of the trans tunnel.

With that done, the mill at last found its final resting place inside the VE’s chassis rails, and, combined with the Edelbrock gear and the shiny new Pacemaker extractors, it makes for once saucy-looking package.

In the coming episode, Scotty will start the long process of plumbing the new driveline into the old Val, which will include installing the beefy Aussie Desert Coolers radiator.