WHEN it comes to screaming sixes, it’s hard to beat Toyota’s 2JZ engine. It was stock fitment in the last of the Toyota Supras, and it earned a legendary reputation for strength and horsepower.

The 2JZ is also the go-to engine for those who want to bolt some modern straight six muscle into an early streeter. We’ve seen them fitted into just about everything, from Commodores to old Holdens and even Chrysler Centuras.

This particular beast was built to take to the US and tackle Drag Week, but a loose timing belt and some bent valves wreaked havoc on those plans. All fixed up the guys dropped the LC Coupe on the rollers at Summernats 28 and blew everyone away with their horsepower-per-litre stats.

It made a best of 1321.9rwhp which equates to 440rwhp per litre, and while that wasn’t enough to win outright, it certainly opened a few eyes. To put things in perspective, if the twin turbo 632ci ‘56 Chev was making that sort of power per litre, it would have made 4500hp at the tyres!

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