GEOFF Clarke’s XY Falcon was a standout car from the inaugural Northern Nats up at Springmount Raceway near Cairns. The car packs a stout 427-cube small-block Ford Windsor topped off with an 8/71 blower and twin carbys. Everything is done in chrome and it looks fantastic. With close to 800hp at the crank, and plenty of ten-second passes under its belt, this XY isn’t all bling either.

The blown small-block was a crate engine from the states; otherwise Geoff did all the work on the car himself. The XY is a streeter but with half the motor hanging out of the bonnet and plenty of ponies, it’s more at home on the drag strip which Cairns hasn't had up until recently. Now that Springmount is open, Geoff is going to be getting a whole lot more use out of the car. 

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