Summernats Slam to bring Top Fuel to Heathcote Park Raceway

A resurfaced Heathcote Park dragstrip will host racing in May

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

Top Fuel racing is set to rock a freshly resurfaced Heathcote Park Raceway on May 21-22 for the first ever Victorian Summernats Slam.

The Slam will form Round Five of the inaugural Australian Top Fuel Championship, alongside Top Bike, Pro Mod, Pro Stock and Sportsman quarter-mile action.

A fully-fledged burnout competition will also form part of the event, with prizes including Burnout Masters qualifying places for the big show at Street Machine Summernats 35 in January. A show-and-shine, live music, and a fireworks display round out the weekend’s planned schedule.

The existing quarter-mile dragstrip is set to be resurfaced from the existing concrete-to-bitumen transition point, bringing with it new foundations and a full levelling job. “One of (track owner) Lance Warren’s main goals has been to get the Top Fuellers here,” says Steve Verschuren, HPR’s Director for Events and Sponsorship. “It’s pretty much a dream come true, so we’re pretty ecstatic.”

Competition will continue well into the night, with both the Top Fuel final and burnout qualifying to be held under lights.

Steve says Top Fuel racing will be a true windfall for HPR, bringing flow-on benefits to all who use the facility. “It’s going to put us on the map, and tell everyone we mean business,” he says. “We’re here because we love the sport, and want this place to be a world-class facility for everyone to come and enjoy — both racers and families.”

Tickets for Summernats Slam are now available through the Summernats website.