Street Machine June 2022 out now

We reckon there’s something for everyone in the latest mag!


Though it feels like mere days since Jovan Batar’s astounding Monaro hit supermarkets, newsagents, and letterboxes across the country on our May cover, it’s already time for a new issue!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find within the June issue of Street Machine.

We honour the life and achievements of Street Machine Summernats founder Chic Henry, who sadly lost his battle with cancer last month.

Rockynats 02 went down over the Easter long weekend, returning to Central Queensland for three days of big burnouts, street drags, and elite-level show action.

The maniacs at Rides by Kam have done it again with Trent Carter’s Plymouth ‘Cuda, channelling their signature style into another killer Mopar.

There’s an angry 358-cube NASCAR donk under a heap of incredible under-bonnet sheetmetal, a Corvette front end, and even a vertical-gate manual ‘box!

Peter Kelly’s EK was one of many killer cars to be unveiled at Summernats 34, wowing the crowds with beautiful panelwork and a proven LS1/T56 combo.

It’s matched to a bevy of pro touring goodies, power rack-and-pinion steering, and a modernised interior with all the mod cons.

It’s not every day we see a late-model Bimmer in the pages of SM, but there’s no doubt this F30 M Sport from Justin Pitsikas is right at home in the mag.

The BYE Performance boss has jammed a TBS 6/71-blown LS between the Euro’s chassis rails, turning his daily driver into a super-neat burnout missile. Incredibly, Justin has managed to retain almost all of the car’s original electricals alongside some new aftermarket touches.

John Simunovich spent his teenage years lusting after the iconic HQ GTS Monaro, turning his dream into a 427ci SBC-powered reality three decades later.

The tough Quey blends modern stance with old-school cool, harking back to John’s aspirations as a 17-year-old.

While Geelong Ford nut Jason Thomas has a big rap sheet of Blue Oval metal, this XB sedan is a standout example.

Bought from a good mate, the 408 Clevo-motivated cruiser is a smooth blend of black, chrome, and eye-popping Lamborghini Orange.

Ever heard of an FU Holden? Neither had we, until we laid eyes on Anthony Fuller’s stunning FJ Holden coupe conversion!

Anthony’s masterpiece draws design cues from ‘40s Chevs to create a factory-style coupe with Blue Flame motivation. All sorts of awesome fabrication went into the build, making for a truly awesome one-off cruiser.

Fire is every street machiner’s worst nightmare, and Vicky Williams copped the worst of it when her XE Ghia went up in flames during a garage fire.

Rather than throw her hands up in defeat, Vicky brought the Fairmont back tougher than ever, scooping up plenty of tinware along the way.

Aiden Donald has put together an Expression Session for the ages with his Mad Max-ified Mustang render. Shut the gate on this one!

We’ve also got a look at Sydney’s World Time Attack Challenge, ultra-detailed handmade 1:18-scale street machines, a handy guide on picking the ideal car trailer, and a stonking Barra in Mill of the Month, plus all your regular favourites!