Street Machine July 2023 out now

There's something for just about everybody in the July mag, including a few left-field gems!


If you’re shivering through winter like many of us at down south at SM, let our July issue warm your heart.

Cutting flawless lines across the cover is Craig McKenzie’s stunning ex-Ditch Jones HR ute. The showcar resurrection maestro has added some modern flair to the mid-2000s icon, and there’s artful work everywhere you look, right down to the ute silhouette on the 202’s blower scoop!

Next up is Simon Andrus’s tough-as nails, Summernats 35-unveil XB sedan streeter, which epitomises Geelong cool with its factory-look body and interior, Auto Drag rolling stock, and angry stroker Clevo up front.

Fellow ‘Nats 35 unveil alumni Rocky Sarkis went the force-fed, retrotech path with his stunning LH Torana. It packs turbo 388ci Dart LS push up front, matched to big brakes, a perfect body, and an interior packed with tasty Nappa leather.

You’ll also find one of the toughest CL Chargers out there, courtesy of Russ Scougall. Its bite matches its bark, too, courtesy of its 440-cube Mopar R3 mill and twin 35/82 snails. Chasing eights isn’t a bad way to spend your retirement, if you ask us.

The 70s toughie theme continues with Mark Attard’s unmissable HJ GTS tribute, boasting killer stance and 582 cubes of Dart fat-block Chev. It’s good for 871hp at the hubs – and that’s before Mark hooks it to a bottle of nitrous!

Rob Herrington took a similar angle with his blacked-out XY. With a guiding hand from Jason Hoctor, Rob’s plans for the big Falc went from mild streeter to 800hp, all-motor weapon.

We promised left-field; Steve ‘Dutchy’ Holland’s WRX-swapped ’61 Mini ticks that box and a bit more! Inspired by his second-ever car, he jammed 2011-spec running gear in the tiny package to create something akin to a street-legal go-kart.

It doesn’t stop there for super-cool repowered oddities. You picked Grant Azzopardi’s heavily customised, Barra-swapped ’48 Ford Anglia as Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year for 2023. Well done, Grant!

Not enough white-painted tissue box action for you? Check out Dylan Matwijow’s sleeper-AF Hyundai iLoad van. Plates and rear meats aside, you’d struggle to pick it as hiding twin-turbo LS power!

On the Drag Challenge front there’s an 80s-inspired AP5 Valiant with 21st-century LS mumbo under the bonnet.

We also catch up with 17-year-old Joe Box, fresh from running deep into the 12s at the helm of his farm rescue HZ ute, and chat with Nicole Jaggs about her peachy LH Torana, which took on the Rockynats Grand Champion battle.

On the event side, we’ve got full coverage of the always-cool Sydney Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo, which delivered some hot new metal.

Rounding it all out is a bloody useful tech yarn on the ins and outs of the LS engine family from Iain Kelly, a look back at Sydney’s beloved American Auto Parts store, and a stonking BK Engines-built 605ci Hemi, plus all the usual goodies!

Street Machine July 2023 is on sale now.