Street Machine July 2022 on sale now!

There's stacks of feature car and event action in the newest issue


The mercury may be plummeting across much of Australia, but we’ve got just the tonic to warm your soul in the form of Street Machine’s July 2022 issue, out today!

We couldn’t not stick Nathan Young’s insane XB hardtop on the cover. Taking possession of the coupe as a tired ex-racer, the crazy Queenslander wedged a 427ci twin-turbo Clevor between the towers to make a killer street/strip machine.

The black-on-black missile has so far spat out 1500rwhp, with a huge 2000rwhp number firmly in sight with a bit more boost.

Brendan Turner’s 1972 ‘Cuda is gorgeous by any standard, but it’s even more impressive when you learn it’s all home-built!

With 340 cubes of small-block power under the bonnet, coil-overs and big Intro wheels, it’s a stunning Surf Coast cruiser.

You might remember Steve Santos’s AP5 wagon, featured back in our April ’22 mag. While that car became a gift for his dad, this sweet EJ was the original candidate.

The LS-swapped wagon was a roughie before Steve transformed it into a Summernats Top 60 Elite-grade car. Body mods abound, underpinned by a no-nonsense modernised driveline for great drivability.

When KILLAQ racer Paul Fava set out to build a tough street cruiser, he knew just how to do it. Snapping up a tidy base-model HK Monaro in the early days of COVID, he slotted in a 550hp LS1, dunked it in factory Kingston Cream, and topped it all off with an unmissable red interior.

Birthday gifts don’t come much better than a project car in our opinion, so we reckon John Davidson hit the jackpot when he got this XP-fronted XM coupe for his 60th. It’s now tubbed, die-straight and powered by a stout 347-cube Windsor thanks in no small part to the minds at South Australia’s Pro Customs.

Inspired by his dad’s lost HQ Tonner, Levi Chitty turned this fairly run-of-the-mill HZ into a super-neat, stroked beast that’s equally at home on the burnout pad, prowling the streets, or turning heads at a show ‘n’ shine.

It’s certainly not every month that we feature a Suzuki Mighty Boy, but there’s no questioning the credentials of Simon Birch’s Motorvation-winning Battleship Grey example. There’s an L98 and Turbo 400 combo, remote-operated tilt body, and lots of custom fab to make it all work.

Check out Guy King’s terrifying Barra-motivated Corolla, pumping out 1700hp and set to run bottom sevens across the quarter.

The first-ever Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year is in full swing, so we’ve collated some of the coolest entries so far by Aussie car nuts aged 24 and under. There’s a huge range of epic builds on show, ranging from classic Aussie muscle to boosted Japanese power, and practically everything in-between.

After an agonising wait thanks to lockdown-related drama, MotorEx finally made a triumphant return to Melbourne. An incredible selection of top-tier metal was put on show, including heaps of mind-blowing unveil cars and even a nostalgia-packed Auto Salon throwback display.

We sent intrepid wordsmith and snapper Simon Davidson towards the Grampians to check out the inaugural LOO5EFEST, hosted by LOO5ENATS organiser Russell Harris. It may have only been a warm-up show for the bigger event, but the action was just as impressive!

This month’s Drag Challenge column features Mark Barber’s veteran LJ Torana, recently repowered with RB30ET goodness.

Whether you’re new to wrenching on cars or just want to make your workshop more efficient, Iain ‘Marv’ Kelly has the goods. He’s lined up Scott Barter of Oxytech to offer a range of handy tips and tricks to make life shed life that little bit easier.

There’s also a stonking Mill of the Month, a range of great readers cars and in-progress builds, plus all the usual goodies. So hook in today!