Ram 1500 TRX commercial banned in Australia

The TV advert depicting aggressive off-road driving has now been banned


The Ram 1500 TRX is the fastest and most powerful dual-cab ute on the market in Australia right now, so naturally the advertising campaign for such a vehicle needs to match.

Unfortunately, the Australian Advertising Standard Board’s Community Panel disagrees, as it has ruled the commercial for the TRX is in breach of the FCAI Motor Vehicle Advertising Code.

As a result, the video is now banned on Aussie TVs and has been removed from YouTube.

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STORY CONTINUES: 1500 commercial banned in Australia

The short video depicts the TRX showing off the performance of its supercharged Hemi V8 by hustling along a gravel track, through puddles and then most notably kicking up large rooster tails in the sand dunes.

Because of this, the panel ruled the commercial was “portraying unsafe driving, along with deliberate and significant environmental damage.”

The review of the TV ad was brought about when the board received what is said to be a very lengthy complaint from the president of an Australian 4×4 club.

That complaint claimed the ad depicted hoon driving, risky behaviour and the environmental damage highlighted by the statement from the board in its findings.

Ram Trucks Australia attempted to address all of the Advertising Board’s issues, even noting the TRX never exceeds 80km/h during the film to align with the Code.

“The Panel considered that it is dangerous to drive across sand quickly, especially on a steep dune, and that it is not uncommon for people to roll their vehicles if they do not drive slowly and with caution in such environments,” it said in its conclusion.

Responding to the findings, Ram Trucks Australia said: “We do take our commitment to compliance with the FCAI Voluntary Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising seriously and will continue to do so.

“Ram Trucks Australia is committed to creating an advertisement that complies with the Code, while continuing to demonstrate the vehicle’s performance attributes and characteristics.”

This is the second time in 12 months a commercial depicting a performance dual-cab ute has been pulled from Aussie TVs, after the ad for the new Ford Ranger Raptor met the same fate when a teaser clip of it jumping in an off-road scene sparked complaints of the same nature.

A watered-down version of the RAM TRX commercial was recently released, less the rooster tails in the sand. You can watch it below: