Phase IV GTHO sells for just under $2 million

One of only four Phase IV GTHO Falcons ever built sells for just under $2 million.


One of just four Phase IV GTHO Ford Falcons has sold for just under $2 million, according to the Australian Muscle Car Sales website.

“Several months ago AMCS was approached by a discreet but determined collector and asked to obtain what is considered to be one of the most prized motor cars ever made in Australia. AMCS entered into discussions with the owner of this factory racer for the last 20 years, Mr. Paul Carthew of Sydney.”

“AMCS can reveal that a deal was reached, with the car changing hands for just under $2m and will remain in Sydney, Australia. We believe this to be the highest single price ever paid for an Australian made road car.”

Carthew’s Phase IV was offered for auction by Lloyds in 2018 and while the car was reported as sold for $2 million plus buyer’s premium, the sale fell through.

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