2021 Hot Wheels Legends Tour finalist Shannon Heraud

The TUF253 owner tells us about his brush with 1/64 stardom, and how you can do the same

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

The Hot Wheels Legends Tour is arguably one of the most exciting competitions to grace Aussie shores in the last few years, offering one lucky car owner the chance to have their creation transformed into a 1/64 scale Hot Wheels model for sale worldwide.

The Tour is on again, so we thought we’d catch up with the winner of last year’s Australian leg, TUF253 builder and owner, Shannon Heraud.

The angry Thongslapper-motivated Mk1 Escort was picked by a panel of judges, including Carnage’s Scott Taylor and pro rally racer Molly Taylor, to progress to the global final.

While the Esky didn’t quite make it to official Hot Wheels form, winning the Australian leg was a dream come true for the long-time fan.

“I was a massive Hot Wheels fan as a kid,” Shannon explains. “I had a few hundred of them. I’ve still got them somewhere, but they’re mostly trashed these days from being launched across the house at high speed,” he says with a laugh.

Shannon has a mate to thank for the whole experience, pushing him to enter the car. “I thought it would be kind of cool, but I never expected much to come of it,” he says. “I didn’t think I had a chance at all.”

Reaching the global final was a surreal experience for the Melbourne bloke. “It was pretty insane,” he enthuses. “It was a very proud moment, almost as good as getting on the cover of Street Machine! I was dumbfounded about winning it.”

It gave the Escort a worldwide audience, too. “I got messages from guys everywhere,” Shannon says. “Lots of English and American guys; people from everywhere said they loved the car and went a bit crazy over it!”

Shannon also has some advice for prospective Legends Tour entrants. “Just create a car with your own personal style. Don’t try and follow everyone else’s trends, just build it for yourself. People will recognise that when it’s built — that you’ve got your own flair and style”

You’ll find all the entry info and heaps more details on the Hot Wheels Legends website.