HBO releases Jessi Combs documentary

'The Fastest Woman on Earth' chronicles the racing years and untimely death of the land speed record challenger


HBO Max has released The Fastest Woman on Earth, a documentary covering late racer, fabricator and TV personality Jessi Combs.

Combs died in an August 2019 accident while attempting to break the women’s speed record of 512mph in the jet-powered North American Eagle streamliner. Combs’s run was posthumously accepted by Guinness World Records, recorded at 522.783mph.

The documentary is the culmination of a seven-year project, covering Combs’s mission with the North American Eagle team to break as many land speed records as possible. It delves into the lead-up and events surrounding her Alvord Desert crash, even including footage of the moment of impact on that ill-fated run.

Speaking to Autoblog, director Chris Otwell said the full-length doco wasn’t intended to be a comprehensive biography of Combs. “We were intending to focus on this chapter of her life, but in order to understand what it means for her, you have to know something about her past and where she came from.”

Aside from challenging speed records, Combs appeared as a MythBusters guest host, worked on Extreme 4×4, and took on numerous off-road racing events with success.

Debuting last Thursday in the US on HBO Max, early reviews of Fastest Woman on Earth have been universally positive. The doco is available to stream now via local HBO distributor Binge.