Concessions for Classics scheme announced in WA

WA Transport Minister announces that the Concessions for Classics scheme will kick off in early 2021

Photographers: Boris Viskovic

GREAT news for old car fans in WA, with the detail and timeline for the Concessions for Classics (C4C) scheme announced today by the Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti.

The scheme offers a 75 per cent registration discount (and discounted motor injury insurance) to members of an approved car club that drive vehicles or bikes manufactured prior to 1990. It is planned that C4C will be up and running early in 2021.

WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti grew up with cars like Claude Dalese’s Monaro. “We want to cut red tape and see more classic cars out of the garage and on our roads,” she says. ““The scheme is intended to reduce financial burden on classic vehicle owners and to encourage club membership, while stimulating spending in the automotive industries.”


How many days can I drive my car on Concessions for Classics?

Eligible users will be able to access 90 days of on-road use. This is split into 30 days of ‘free driving’ and 60 days for club runs, shows and other activities

Will the scheme use logbooks and special number plates?

Logbooks will be be required, but there will be no special number plates used, as we see in Victoria – instead a tag will be fitted to your existing plates

Will the cut off-date move?

No. Unlike Victoria, which has rolling 30 year eligibility, the scheme is fixed to pre-1990. Sorry VP Commodore owners!

Can modified cars access Concession for Classics?

Street rods and modified vehicles are welcome, subject to engineer approval

Do I have to be a member of a club?

Yes, that is an essential part of the scheme

Can I form my own club?

Yes! You’ll need a minimum of 30 members and it must be incorporated. New club applications will be accepted prior to the scheme kicking off next year

Need to know more?

More information is availble from the DoT here.