Auction watch: XW GT, HK Monaro, LJ Torana, HX Sandman

It’s a belter crop of classics at Grays this week – especially for the Holden fans


This week’s Grays classic car auction is full of pearlers to suit just about any taste, so we’ve gone through and picked our favourites – and if you’re in the market for a chrome-bumper Holden, you should definitely keep reading.

Bidding is live now, and all the top bid figures are correct at the time of publication, with the listings wrapping up from 8pm AEDT on Tuesday 22 March.

The heavy hitters kick off with this unrestored, matching-numbers XW Falcon GT. We don’t need to tell you how rare it is to find a GT Falcon of this era in original condition like this, and as a result we’re expecting it to fetch a whopping figure if the reserve can be surpassed.

Being all-original, the car runs the halo 351 Cleveland V8, in this case teamed with the auto ’box. The best part for us though is that it has 90,000 miles indicated and air conditioning. That means it’s not a pristine hyper-low-miler you’ll be too scared to take for a cruise on the weekend, and you won’t have to worry about sweating into the pristine vinyl seats when you do.

Right now, bidding is at AU$21,500, but going off recent auction history, we’d be surprised if it didn’t sell for between $200,000 and $250,000.

The fact that this 1968 HK Monaro is an original 307/four-speed car was enough to suck us in, but a quick scroll through the photos revealed what could be one of the best-restored HK Monaros we’ve ever seen.

That’s because it was given the full treatment by Maskell’s Customs & Classics, hands-down one of the best resto shops in the country. The Inca Gold paint and Super Parchment pearl interior are original specifications to the car and really set it apart from any other GTS, while the 307 V8 and four-cog ’box are the original units that’ve been rebuilt.

Unsurprisingly, bidding is already at a whopping AU$200,000 with a reserve still to be broken, so you could easily slap on another $100,000-$150,000 when the hammer falls.

Concours-condition Iron Lions continue with this stunning 1974 LJ Torana GTR coupe, clad in eye-popping yellow and with 66,000km on the ticker.

The brief auction description claims it to be a genuine one-owner car, with plenty of books dating right back to the original delivery of the little Torry.

The auction record for GTR XU-1s went through roof last year (currently sitting at AU$348,000), so we’d expect the current bid of AU$45,000 to at least double on this GTR.

Sandman panel vans have been hot property recently, with several selling for over AU$100,000 at other auctions last year.

This ’77 HX offered by Grays follows the same recipe as those cars, but under the skin everything has been given a good tickle. What looks like a trusty old thongslapper is actually a 355-cube stroker, paired with a beefy T56 Magnum six-speed manual. Combine that with the rotisserie resto, Bluetooth stereo, Vintage Air air con and GTS-style wheels you could use as a mirror, and it’s one pearler of a van.

Right now, the top bid is a measly AU$50,000, but a genuine Sandman van with these tasteful mods should fetch over $100,000 by Tuesday night.

If the Sandman wasn’t Street Machine enough for you, then this HQ coupe should get your tail wagging.

A 383-cube mill wears AFR heads and an Edelbrock intake manifold, while the custom interior features some awesome 80s-style Recaro seats.

The top bid as we type is AU$81,250, and as we know, two-door Queys are worth a whole lot more than that these days.

At first glance, this 2004 CV8 Monaro may just look like a tidy example, but it actually has a unique back-story for the Holden nerds to argue over.

Despite the fact that it’s a 2004 build, this car wears the signature Fusion metallic orange paint, which wasn’t officially offered on the Monaro until 2005 with the final CV8-Z special editions.

The seller claims it to be a colour-test vehicle, which were cars Holden would paint in unreleased colours to (funnily enough) test them out. After speaking to our resident Holden experts, the theory seems valid, so if you end up with the Munro, it’ll be a fun little anecdote to bring up at your next cars-and-coffee.

If you’re not fussed about the history of the paint, it’s still a CV8 Monaro with an OTR intake, MAFless tune, DiFilippo headers on the LS1 and a Ripshifter in the T56 ’box.

Prices for these things range anywhere from AU$40,000 to $100,000, with the top bid for this car currently sitting at AU$42,000 and the reserve just about catered for.

There’s plenty to love about quirky Japanese classics, and this 1973 Mazda 1300 two-door just screams ‘awesome club-plate cruiser’.

The 1300s weren’t fitted with rotary power like other Mazdas of the same era, but when a car is presented as nicely as this one, it really doesn’t matter. It’s said to have been in the same family for 24 years, with a full service history and the original documentation from when it left the dealer in South Australia in ’73.

With so few of these around and even fewer on the market, a final sales figure is pretty hard to predict, but what we can tell you is that bidding currently sits at AU$15,009.

Another Japanese classic hitting the block is this 1988 Series II R31 Skyline Silhouette, which right now is sitting at just AU$1600 with no reserve!

Being the sportier Silhouette, you get the 15-inch alloys with the big aero caps, boot spoiler and front lip, LSD rear end and bucket seats. The power from the RB30 six-pot doesn’t get a tickle, and this one has the handicap of the four-speed auto instead of the more desirable five-cog manual.

Manual Silhouettes have been hitting the market for anywhere between AU$8000 and $15,000 for clean examples, so we reckon paying less than AU$10,000 for this auto one wouldn’t be the worst investment.

As we mentioned, bidding wraps up on all these listings on Tuesday night, so to bid on any of these and browse the rest of this week’s Grays classic car catalogue, just follow the link here.