Auction watch: LX Torana hatch, XM Falcon, AE86 Corolla

We take a look at the latest crop lining up at this weeks Grays classic car auction


The auctions are back in full swing for 2022, so we’ve taken a look at some of the hotties crossing the block in this week’s Grays classic car auction.

This LX Torana hatch caught our eye straight away, and some further digging justified our interest in the little Torry.

It’s an original SS optioned with Holden’s 308 V8, four-speed M21 manual ‘box and a very rare lick of Tuxedo black.

At the time of writing, the hatch has a top bid of AU$58,000, but with current values we’d expect it to crack triple digits when the hammer falls.

The chrome bumper hitters from the General continue with this 1971 HQ sedan GTS replica, packing a ZZ350 Chevy crate motor and enough GTS stuff to make it almost as good as the real thing.

Behind the Chevy mill is a Hughes-built TH350 transmission, with a Salisbury limited-slip. Inside is a complete and beautifully presented GTS interior, combined with the correct striping, badging and wheels on the outside.

Bidding starts at AU$67,000, and with the replica market on the rise we’ll be watching keenly to see what it’ll fetch.

Another replica is this ‘67 XR Falcon, and if you’re not scared of a little project it could be the perfect way to create a dream XR GT.

The car is 90% of the way to seeing the road, with all the paint, panel and majority of the interior work done to what appears to be a really high standard.

The paint and panel is the bastard of any project, and in this case it’s already taken care of for you.

This means all you’d need is some front seats and your ideal Ford engine and box combo to jam into it, and you’ve got yourself one seriously awesome piece of kit.

Bidding is at AU$12,700 as we write with the reserve still a long way off, but we maintain this could still be a cheaper avenue into a properly clean XR GT tribute.

If you’re after a something a bit cheaper and ready to cruise, then this ’64 XM Falcon Deluxe should fit that bill nicely.

It looks mostly untouched and pretty original, and while the six-pot under the bonnet won’t set your pants on fire, it’ll make for one awesome cars and coffee cruiser.

Bidding starts at $17,500 with no reserve, so someone could walk away with a pretty sweet deal.

There’s plenty to choose from for those hunting some more modern Aussie metal as well, including this supercharged VT II SS Commodore.

Being a VT II means it was the first SS to be fitted with an LS1, although this one has copped a significant tickle.

The owner claims a built LS1, which combined with the V2 S-line Supercharger is good for over 500hp.

There’s a built transmission to handle the extra stonk, with an upgraded TruTrac diff and fuel system.

Bidding starts at AU$27,500 with no reserve, but with the upgrades we’d suspect a fair bit more will be needed to rehome it.

90s Falcons have gone from junkyard fodder to club plated prides, and the pinnacle of those would have to be the ED XR8 Sprint.

This one looks like a clean, tidy and original example, and the best bit is that is has three pedals!

141,000km is fairly low for a car this age, and the current bid of AU$25,000 (with a reserve still be to be broken) shows how valuable these things have become.

Japanese cars are still enjoying a massive price boom both here and overseas, so it’s no surprise that they’re starting to populate the classic car auctions in big numbers.

The AE86 Toyota Corolla is a cult icon with Japanese car fans, and for that reason they’ve been one of the biggest jumpers in market value in recent years.

This one isn’t some matching numbers, ultra rare specimen, and also has the fixed Levin front end rather than the Treuno’s signature pop-up headlights.

But, it is an AE86 hatch with a 1.6-litre 4AGE Toyota four banger, and that combined with the Wantanabe wheels means JDM fan boys will still be queuing up to put their cash down for a slice of that Tofu life.

Bidding is at $10,700 as we write, but there’s every chance that could double given these things don’t come up for sale very often.

The Nissan Skyline R31 Silhouette GTS was developed by Nissan’s local SVD (Special Vehicles Divison) in the late 80s and early 90s, the first generation dubbed by enthusiasts as GTS1s with only 200 examples built.

That made them rare to begin with, and time hasn’t helped the cause. The GTS differed from the normal R31 Silhouette with a bigger front brake package, Bilstein suspension, upgraded wheels and tyres, scheel bucket seats and a cam and exhaust package for the sublime RB30 straight six.

The prices for these are finally on the rise, and given this GTS used to be owned by motoring racing legend Jim Richards, the current bid of AU$12,500 will more than double to earn a sale.

Two door GC8 Impreza WRX’s are the hottest sauce in the Subaru world, and finding a locally delivered example is like hens teeth.

This is a later build 1998 Version IV STi, which means you get a bunch of STi trickery to compliment the awesome two door body.

Bidding is at $36,250 as we write, but with a reserve still to be met we could see a AU$60,000 sales figure needed to stop it passing in.

All these cars and a whole lot more are live now and wrap up from 7pm AEDT on February 8, so follow the link here and get bidding!