IN PICS – Turbo Tonner

Daniel Andrews gives us the lowdown on how he built this stunning tonner

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

NEED a bit of inspiration to finish your project car? Then feast your eyes on Daniel Andrews’ razor-sharp HQ tonner.

“The project started with two $500 cars,” Melbourne-based Daniel says. “One had a straight chassis with a rusted-out cab; the other had a twisted chassis and a good body. Perfect.

“Once I had it down to a bare chassis, I cut the leaf-spring rear end out and fitted a four-link kit and shortened nine-inch. I boxed the chassis and welded and smoothed everything that was going to be visible.

“Then I cut off the back section of the cab, braced it and welded in a flat panel to make it look smooth.”

LS guru Nathan Higgins built a new donk, starting with a cast-iron LQ9 block. He came up with a 403ci rotating assembly with stainless-steel valves, one-piece pushrods and a custom Isky cam.

Daniel decided to go turbo as well, adding a Garrett GT4202R, wastegate, blow-off valve and an air-to-air intercooler.

The tonner went to Vito and Tom at Polo Body Works for panel and paint, and then to Tim Parsons at Sew Fine Auto Interiors, who decked out the inside in cream leather.

With the HQ completed, Dan is aiming for a nine-second pass: “I can’t wait!”