Street Machine readers show us there project cars, with everything from a 4000hp Monaro to an LS1-powered Ford Transit Van!


OVER the weekend we reached out on the Street Machine Facebook page for you guys to show us your project cars and you did not disappoint! There were around 900 cars submitted in total, and so many of them were interesting and unique builds that we had to share. So we picked out a bunch of the craziest builds, starting with this absolutely bonkers Monaro, check ’em out.

Karl ChamberlinKarl Chamberlin – My ‘02 CV8 Monaro. Full ‘moly tube chassis, 4002hp & 2992ft/lb, 670ci 5″ bore space Brodix/Chev, twin 98mm Bullseye Pro mod turbos, Bruno/Lenco trans, MW modular 9.5″ rear. Aiming for low 6s street legal

Stewart JonesStewart James – Hopefully one day she gets in the magazine

Maree WilsonMaree Wilson – Challenger

Steve LamarcheSteve Lamarche – 71 ‘Cuda mini tubbed. 543ci twin-turbo

Ben WrightBen Wright – Pro Street HR

Dave VearingDave Vearing – Divorce settlement finally done, time to finish off Vanman 2.0

Adam CastrechiniAdam Castrechini – VN Three years in the making from respray, to 500hp 355, th400 and a list of original new old stock parts. Original interior being pieced together at the moment

Aj EvansAj Evans – Twin turbo XR8 BA wagon. Was at Summernats 30 but it’s still not done

John BrandtJohn Brandt – ’74 VJ XL Charger, rebuilt 245 hemi with head work, a Holley waiting to be fitted, extractors, and a mandrel bent free flowing 2-1/2″ single system with a Magnaflow muffler. Yeah, she sounds pretty stout when it comes on the cam. Will be repainted in the original and rare (only used that one year and only on about 400 cars) eye-searing “Green Go” colour. I’m a happy little Vegemite.

Jayden SnoodykJayden Snoodyk – ‘68 XR ute. 360-cube Windsor, blown mechanical injected meth, 20×18 rears, ‘bagged all round, full chassis. Going for top 60 burnout car

Grant TanksGrant Tanks – Blown XC ute ‘MUNTED’

Tony CamilleriTony Camilleri – My VQ Stato

Jeremy GuljasJeremy Guljas – Impala with 24″ rears, 22″ fronts. Possibly V12 supercharged

Clint DvorcemkrClint Dvorcemkr – New burnout car

Ryan RainbowRyan Benbow – My LX Torana project. 383 SBC, Turbo 350 with 3500 stall, 9″ 3.55 gears Trutrac, chassis strengthening kit, twin 3″ mandrel bent system, wiring in engine bay concealed etc.

Andrew KnightAndrew Knight – Keeping it rough with a 347 power plant

Bingham EnobBingham Enob – ‘73 VJ Charger

Joe CampagnaJoe Campagna – My son and I are restoring my dad’s old Gemini, been in our family since 1986. Body and trim done, just finished a four wheel disc brake, 5-stud Commodore conversion. To be powered by an SR20 turbo with a C4 gearbox, It’ll be built in his grandparents memory.

Ronald MifsudRonald Mifsud – VR Commodore ute 6.0 Litre with gt42 hairdryer, Turbo 400 trans 9″ four-link rear 8-point chrome moly roll cage, chasing 8s

Andrew HomannAndrew Homann – ‘65 mustang original white 6cyl 4 speed red trim. Ground up rebuild, now it has a blown 351 Windsor, transbraked C4 manual reverse pattern, 3800 stall, shortened 9″ billet 31 spline axles. Smoothed engine bay, painted sheet metal dash, all elec auto meter gauges, boot trimmed to match interior trim. Going for full RWC and Qld rego without blower fitted. So close to being finished

Brad ConnartyBrad Connarty – Holden HX, will have a 434 SBC with Hogan tunnel ram manifold, TH400 and 9-inch. 6-point cage, mini tubbed, Weld Aluma Stars, custom green metallic with black GTS interior, aiming for top 60 at Summernats

Nick RompNick Romp – XW falcon, 351 Clevo. Running gear has swapped heaps of shells since the days of my P’s. It will soar again… soon

Brandon SherriffBrandon Sherriff – TD Cortina, project only just starting out, big things to come

Josh KellyJosh Kelly – 150bhp supercharged 1275, 4 pin diff, Cooper S brakes, full adjustable suspension, twin fuel tanks etc. Only thing standard is the body. Will be a weapon once it’s on the road!

Troy GoofTroy Goof Giuffre – 1983 Holden Gemini wagon. 1.8-litre twin 40mm Webers, 5sp just under a 100hp and good for a 16.2 quarter mile

Benji AmosBenji Amos – Compound turbo RB30, re shelling into a street VL and looking to push way past the 10.20 it has done on baby boost in testing

Mike BowdenMike Methanol Bowden – Pulled out of a shed in Whyalla SA, been there since ’76. With new fuel and a battery it fired right up

Jeff StockwellJeff Stockwell – Will need to give it a while, lol. But this thing promises to be off the chain

Jason GlastonburyJason A Glastonbury – 1962 Vauxhall Victor FB VX490 been sitting in a paddock for years, has a bit of rust along the sills and bottom of the boot and cross member. All fixable.

Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson – My FB holden ute. Payed $100 and a block of beer for it in 2004, hope to start working on it this year. Also been offered $6000 cash for it and turned it down

Jay OlearyJay O’Leary – Brothers ‘64

Josh BaldwinJoshua Rusty Baldwin – VC Commo

Bradley DrewBradley Drew – 131 Fiat Abarth replica. Running a strong Fiat 2L with fuel injection and nitrous. My plan was always a stripped out street registered race car.

Rhys DaviesRhys Davies – My EH RB30 Powerglide 9″ combo with a United Speed ifs, parallel four-link with canter lever mounted coil overs

Ryan CliftonRyan Clifton This is my daily XT Falcon ute, I did full turbo engine & trans conversion in 2.5days at my house with my mate & bro with no car hoist or pit! Really happy with the result! Wanted to put the pursuit wheels back on but they wouldn’t fit over the brake upgrade. Apart from the engine bay everything else I painted black! I love dosing past people & watch them look around wondering where that sound came from!

Russell RobinsonRussell Robinson – ‘69 Mach 1 Mustang, 700hp injected small-block 460, TKO-600 5 speed, sheet metal 9in, coil-over suspension, will get the car to Cronic Customs before year is finished for more work

Granto JonesGranto Jones – VF Valiant tubbed I have a 383 and stroker kit from 440 Source to make it 500ci. Haven’t touched it in a while, need to have a go!

Ashleigh ToombsAshleigh Toombs – After 4 odd years of panel and paint (you can’t rush of course) my LC comes home next month to start piecing it back together. Can’t wait.

Kevin OsullivanKeven O’Sullivan – My ‘72 Chevelle, supercharged LSA engine, T56 magnum gearbox, Dana diff. Painted in crack cocaine (pearl white) with a custom interior. First show was Summernats 30 and it was only Finished at 2.30am the night before after an eight month frame-off build. Every component and part has been engineered. All the late nights were worth it.

Brian SandersonBrian Sanderson – I have a Chevy LS1 in my Ford transit van. I am surprised how easily it fits, I still have wiring, tailshaft, power steering and fuel tank and lines to go before it runs, then all the other custom stuff, but hey, what a machine when its finished.

Dylan MooreDylan Moore – Getting pretty much a full rebuild. Replacing boot floor from being scraped through, new rear quarter, chassis strengthened, replacing the 327 with a 350 and fresh paint job and interior

Scott BennettsScott Bennetts – 1948 Morris Minor with a Datsun A14, coil over front end, Escort RS2000 diff, upgraded disc brakes all around. Just heading off the panel shop.

Dylan WelshDylan Welsh – ‘64 T-bird with a 408 Windsor, T56 manual, triangulated four-link and 9-inch. Has a custom airbag setup, shaved door handles/locks/badges, under dash booster and smoothed firewall

Sean MckaySean McKay – VG coupe turned into a ‘68 Dodge Dart with a 400 big block stroked out to 475 and running on E85. Made 810 flywheel hp so far with more to come spins to 7200rpm, 727 transbraked, 9″, mini tubed. Will be road driven and engineered.

Damian TrestrailDamian Trestrail – Was entered in Summernats 29 and 30, but life got in the way, if it’s not at 31 because its unfinished I’ll post the bonfire once I throw a match on it!

Troy DunningTroy Dunning – Mazda 1000 ute with a 13B Bridgeport motor, Supra 5 speed, 9″ diff, MW 31 spline axles. Will be at Red Centre Nats 2017

John WilsonJohn Wilson – 71 ZD Fairlane “THE MONEY PIT”. Plans are airbags, stroked & blown Windsor and lots of different little touches that hopefully make you look twice. Got plenty of time for this one

John HaigJohn Haig – This is the car I learnt to drive in. Needs to be taken off the road for some rust to be fixed, and a bigger power plant than the 186 that she has at the moment

Chris FlannasChris Flannas – 1000hp SR2.37VET, HGT 6-sp sequential, four link rear. Chasing 7’s, will be the fastest street registered 4-cyl in the country

Peter HockingPeter Hocking – 410 cube Cleveland, chi heads, full manual reverse pattern trans with a 4800 stall, four-link, should be alright for running down the shops in.

Andrew FinlayAndrew Finlay – HJ tonner, 350 Chev, 5-speed, 4:11 gears. New tray on the way. It’s been 11 years so far

Stuart SewellStuart Sewell – HB Torana in the build, almost 9 years and counting, small-block Chev, full chassis and tubs, engineered for the street

Neil BartlettNeil Bartlett – Two-door, ‘57 Chev Bel Air, 427 big-block, T56, Currie 9-inch, mini tubbed, Willwood brakes

Zach BrowningZachary Browning – VH Commo

John BajadaJohn Bajada – Valiant

Sean DoyleSean Doyle – Pro Street 100e 400 small-block Chev power plant, soon to get twin quad carbs on tunnel ram

Daniel DupanovicDaniel Dupanovic – ‘77 CL Valiant, shooting for Summernats spotlight! Graced the Street Machine pages some years ago in readers rides

Steven KochSteven Brutaltruth Koch – Morris chopped, tubbed, pillarless, narrowed Holden chassis. Dummy fitted small-block Chev and glide…slow going!

Laetyn NunnLaetyn Nunn – My Xb coupe, hopefully soon it’ll be gracing the pages of your awesome magazine

Peter ScattiniPeter Scattini – It’s never over is it

Geoff BownGeoff Bown – My grandpa bought it new, I’ve had it since 1992 now doing it up will eventually give to my son.

Ben BoltonBen Bolton – [umm – ED]

Steven MitresSteven Mitres – Factory two tone VH SL/E getting a full resto. Keeping it in its original form with some tuff running gear and pro touring look.

Jimmy JonesJimmy Jones – Hilux

Jake MaugerJake Mauger – 1964 EH Streeter

Jason JordanJason Jordan – My SS hatch hill climb / circuit sprinter, had her for over 15 years just about ready to test out a new combo (365 inch dry sumped plastic). I’ve done heaps with it, even rolled it 2.5 times at Mallala a while back

Adam BeauchampAdam Beauchamp – Falcon Hearse

Aaron JuddAaron Judd – Build number two

Daniel SlaterDaniel Slater ‘59 El Camino 500bbc air bagged

Roy VelardiRoy Velardi – Blown Falcon