Slammed, twin rear mounted turbo ’58 Chevy Apache truck in the build

Fekete Fabrications is pushing the limits with this rear-turbo, LS-powered and bagged ’58 Apache pick-up project

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

We recently took a workshop tour of Robi Fekete’s workshop Fekete Fabrications, where Robi has a bunch of killer pick-ups in the build.

One that really got our attention was this rear-mount twin turbo-equipped ’58 Apache, currently in progress for a customer. As with just about everything in the shed, the ’58 sits on a scratch-built chassis, with custom front and rear suspension and airbags all ’round.

Providing the grunt is an LSA, with the factory supercharger replaced with twin turbos mounted behind the cabin. The motor will be dressed as a carby-fed small-block, with the pipework running from the huffers, under the transmission tunnel and into a dummy air cleaner from behind the engine.

There’s good and bad points to a rear-mount set-up, but for the most part Robi says the benefits outweigh the drawbacks: “The consensus is that the rear mount set-up adds lag and isn’t as efficient. However, excess heat will also be removed from the engine bay, so we’ll get colder intake temperatures and overall better cooling.”

The turbos will also require a secondary oil feed system, with Robi yet to decide between an electric return oil pump to scavenge oil back into the sump, or a complete system that feeds the turbos from its own separate reservoir.

In terms of the cooler piping, the turbos are actually more mid-mounted than rear-mounted. “Because we’ll be running the charge pipe up the centre of the car to the back of the engine, the length of the piping is very similar to a normal front-mount system,” Robi says. “So routing it won’t be super-complicated, and lag won’t be as bad as you may think.”