Readers’ rockets: Corvette C3, Torana LX, Falcon XD, HJ ute, VH Commodore

We check out some cool readers' rides from the May 2021 issue of Street Machine


Cristian Cross
1978 C3 Corvette

“PRO touring cars in America are not only track legends, but are also (in my opinion) some of the best-looking muscle cars around – fat tyres, low-to-the-ground stance, flares, spoilers and loud pipes. For my C3 Corvette build, I wanted to take that ideology and blend it with some current JDM and stance trends to create something not commonly seen on Aussie streets.

Chevrolet C3 Corvette

It started off with a stock-standard 25th Anniversary C3, and it’s taken me seven years to transform it into its current state. It has a custom yellow paintjob with half of its body wrapped in a metallic silver. Mirrored stripes and stickers level both sides nicely to match the contrasting colours. Custom ‘Hellvette’ badges were made to replace the Corvette ones inside and out. The engine is a 383 stroker with a Scat bottom end, Edelbrock alloy heads, MSD ignition and a Holley 850 double-pumper with an Aeroflow electric fuel system.

Chev C3 corvette

To back that up, there’s a 150-shot of nitrous hooked up. The rest of the driveline comprises a built TH350 ’box rated for 800hp and a diff with 4.11:1 gears. The car also has a custom airbag suspension system built by the experts at Superformance (the first of its kind in Australia!) with an AccuAir e-Level system to make sure it’s all balanced and legal on Aussie roads.” Photos: Kirk Bentley

Nigel Whiteley
Holden LX Torana

“THIS is my Torana hatchback that I have owned since 2000. It was built and painted at home in a two-car garage. Paint is Absinth Yellow, and the car also has an A9X bodykit and interior. It runs HQ brakes up front and Commodore rears, and rolls on 17×8 and 17×10 Billet Specialties wheels. The motor is a Westend-built, fuel-injected Holden 355 stroker, backed by a modified TH700 with a Slingshot 3500rpm converter, and a BorgWarner diff. The LX is street-driven nearly every weekend to various shows around Sydney.”

Dave Nicholls
Ford XD Falcon

“I PURCHASED my first XD in the mid-1990s. It was our family car for a while, but it got stolen and when we got it back a few days later it was missing all the bolt-ons. We stripped what was left and dragged it from house to house for a while before I had to bite the bullet and let her go to scrap around the early 2000s. I swore that one day when I could afford it I’d do one up again. Well, around six or seven years ago, a very clean shell came up in Melbourne. My son Dylan was around 17 at the time and said I should buy it, but I didn’t have the cash. Before I knew it, Dylan messaged the bloke and paid for the car as a gift to me. A few years later, the build started, but I was taking ages to get it done, so when my daughter was in Year 10 I made a deal that if she finished school I would promise to have the car built for her Year 12 formal. As the deadline neared, some very close mates and I scrambled to get it completed; my electrician Shane was wiring the wipers up the morning of the formal. It now has a 408ci Clevo V8, C10 ’box and 20×8 and 20×10 wheels front and rear.”

Victor Cimador
HJ Holden ute

“I’VE had my HJ now for four years, three of which were spent doing a total rebuild. I’ve done it all myself – body off the chassis, panelwork (including some custom areas), paint and electrics – replacing all components with new stock or refurbishing what I could. I’ve built it as a cruiser, keeping the standard running gear: a 3.3-litre six with an Aussie four-speed and a 3.36:1 Salisbury diff. My patience was tested with this rough example, but I’m glad I persevered to make it to Summernats 33. I enjoy cruising with my car club or just driving to work or to check the surf. Big thanks to my wife Roslyn; I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Zac Browning
Holden VH Commodore

“I GOT my VH 11 years ago when it was stock as a rock. It has been a very long build, with many different looks and even more setbacks. The car originally ran a 202 with a three-speed, but’s now packing a 253ci ex-race engine with a three-speed and big stall. The paint is Chlorophyll Pearl, while the interior is swathed in Royal Blue SL/E trim with Auto Meter gauges and a half-rollcage. The engine bay has been smoothed and all wiring hidden, with the fuel cell in the boot with the battery. It rolls on 20-inch American Legend Streeter rims. This will soon be my weekend cruiser, and I have plans to compete in burnout comps with it later on.”