Readers’ Rockets: VK Commodore BT1 + ZA Fairlane + 1UZ-powered Capri + LJ Torana

We check out some of our readers' cool rides from the Street Machine 2022 Yearbook


Adam Roe
VK Commodore BT1

“I’ve owned my ex-SA Police 1984 BT1 VK for 24 years. I purchased it when I was 18 from good ol’ Johnny Platten when he was at Newspot Motors. Back in the day I had the motor, trans and diff rebuilt.

The motor had a tickle on the original heads, with new valves, springs, lifters and 286 Crane cam. I added a Stage 3 manual shift kit and 2600rpm stall, and rebuilt the 10-bolt 3.08 LSD.

I then had kids, and the car was left out in the elements and forgotten about until 2020. I’d started taking my teenage boys to car shows, and they got onto me about the “ex-police car”, so the kids, my mate Anthony and I stripped it and sent it off to my brother Pete, who did all the bodywork. It went back to bare metal and was painted in fresh 1B079D Police Blue.

Last year, I did an overhaul on the interior parts and seats, as well as the motor, giving it all-new gaskets, paint and vapour-blasting on bits that needed it. I rebuilt the carby and got my original radiator re-cored. Anyway, here she is in all her glory, and I’m so proud of her.”

Brett Paige
ZA Fairlane

“This 1967 ZA Fairlane is my first car. It was my daily driver during high school 15 years ago, and it’s had plenty of different engine combos. The biggest-cube combo was a 434 Clevor that ran 9.67@140mph in True Street APSA Racing.

It’s currently got a blown and injected 340ci 8.2in-deck Windsor that’s yet to be drag-raced. It’s an all-’round car, able to tackle street duties, the track, or even be used as the wife’s wedding car. All of the Fairlane’s combos have been built at home in the shed.”

Doug Mill
Ford Capri

“My Mk1 started as a rusty wreck and needed plenty of rust and body repairs.

I had a 1UZ V8 in the corner, so I decided to drop that in.

The Cadillac blower was bought new from the US, and it’s all been made to fit under the bonnet.

The Toyota A340 ’box runs to a HiLux diff.”

Michael Tigani
XD Fairmont

“This is my 1979 XD Fairmont. It’s a factory 302 V8/T-bar auto and still features its original factory Sandstone paint and brown vinyl interior trim. These days, the car still runs its matching-numbers block but with a 408 stroker kit backed by a C4 with a 2500rpm stall converter, and a driveline to suit.

It’s lowered all-’round on ESP-style wheels, and it’s a nice cruiser with a bit of horsepower if needed!”

Jason Smith
LJ Torana

“This is my LJ Torana that I purchased when I was 14 years old (I’m now in my early 30s). Back then it was painted gold, and had cut springs, a tired 173 and blown gearbox. I had the car painted in the original March 17th green and ran it with a 202 and VK five-speed for a few years before getting the urge for more power.

These days it’s running a mild 308, Trimatic and nine-inch diff with mini-tubs to get some power to the ground. I could go on and on, but they’re the major things!”

Scott Mill
HX Holden

“This is our 1976 50th Anniversary Holden, which we call NANSCAR. Mum purchased it in the early 80s and drove it ’til she could no longer drive; then it sat in her garage until we inherited it in 2015. It has so many memories for us, as it’s the car I got my licence in, and our kids grew up with their Nan taking them for drives in it.

They once got pulled over by the police because they thought Mum was drunk, but no, she was a teetotaller and explained to them that it was just the way she drove! When we dragged it out of the garage, it was in a sorry state and Mum had left her mark on every panel, but it was a country car so it didn’t have any rust, and the interior was in good shape as it was always garaged. We tidied it up and drove it for a while, but it just wasn’t fun to drive, so in 2017 we took it off the road and made it our own.

Our eldest son Ricky (People Like Us, SM, Mar ’22) is a panel beater, so he removed all the dents and resprayed it in its original Contessa Gold and Anniversary Gold. Then our youngest son Jack (Young Gun, SM, Jun ’22) fitted a cammed 6.0-litre out of a VZ Commodore, a 4L60 trans, Castlemaine Rod Shop nine-inch, Wilwood brakes and Air Ride ’bags all-’round. The interior is original apart from the Holley Terminator dash and Vintage Air a/c.”

Marty Niehoff
VY Commodore

“Here’s my 5.7-litre VY International wagon. It’s a stock engine bar the usual mods: extractors, exhaust, MAF tune and cold-air intake. It’s got the factory Pistachio leather interior and LSD, and recently got an original-colour respray in WL Statesman two-tone.

It runs a WK Stato front end with VE nostrils welded into the bonnet, plus SS guards and Stato chrome door handles.”

Jordan Monaghan
VZ Ute

“Hey guys, this is my VZ SS-Z ute. It’s got diff gears, full exhaust, air intake and a tune, and has run 13.6 at Heathcote. I live in Portland, and it always gets driven to the race tracks. It’s been to Sydney and raced there, too, plus Warracknabeal and every race at Portland.”