Twin-turbo V10-swapped HJ Holden and other awesome reader projects

We check out our readers' current projects from the July issue of Street Machine


Mark Montgomery
HJ Holden

“I’ve owned my HJ Kingswood for around four years, and it’s currently undergoing a big build. The centrepiece will be a 510ci Dodge Viper V10 with a pair of 76/75 Precision turbos. The engine is being built with forged pistons and rods, and it’s also getting a bigger camshaft.

The ECU will be an Emtron KV12, and it’ll be backed by a Powerglide. As for the diff, it has one from a Funny Car underneath customised rear chassis rails, which we also needed to fit the new 22×14 Simmons rear wheels.

The fronts are 22×8, and stopping power comes from discs with eight-pot calipers on the front and six-pots on the rear. I’m looking to get the car finished this year, with the aim of it being a Summernats and Powercruise machine.”

GB Classic Restorations
Jensen FF

“This is a Jensen FF, which was the all-wheel-drive version of the Jensen Interceptor that was produced from the factory. The car now has a 572ci Indy aluminium Hemi topped by Kinsler ITB induction, paired with a six-speed auto and independent rear end. It still retains the AWD, but that was a bit of a challenge with the Hemi, as there wasn’t much room left in the engine bay for the front diff and shafts with the bigger engine.

It’s running coil-overs all ’round, and brakes are 400mm Wilwood rotors and six-pot calipers. The wheels are custom billet items, 20×9 in the front and 20×10 in the rear. The panelwork is now all complete and covered in Gunmetal metallic paint. The electronics for the engine are controlled by a Haltech 2500 Elite ECU, combined with a Nexus PD16 to tidy up the electricals and fuse box arrangement.

This build has taken over three years, and has been a complete ground-up restoration. It is now in its closing stages and should be finished in the coming months.”

Joshua Whitehead
Ford XL Falcon wagon

“This is Frankie, my 1963 Ford Falcon XL wagon. She was my first car when I was 16 in 2010, and I’ve had her ever since. I worked on her with my old man to get her roadworthy, and drove it to school in Year 12. I daily drove it for a few years from there, and then retired her to weekender status.

She’s been off the road for a couple of years now due to sitting too long during COVID (as I was working too much), and she now has a few little issues that I’m trying to work through. It has a 170ci Pursuit motor, three-speed column shift manual, extractors, resonator, custom interior and a massive sound system – perfection!

My future plans are to hot up the little 221ci I have for it, throw that in and drive her every chance I get.”

Josh Willis
Holden VS Commodore ute

“My 1996 VS Commodore ute was passed down to me when I got my learner’s permit. The car was a stocker V6 car with cracked cylinder heads, so I decided to do a backyard rebuild on the 3.8-litre Ecotec. I figured just rebuilding it as stock was a bit boring, so I’m building it as a blown motor with a 2.3-litre TVS supercharger!

The engine refresh is already underway, and I’m in the middle of shaving the engine bay. I’ll also be fitting a TR6060 manual six-speed ’box, so it should be a lot of fun. I still have a fair way to go on this car and some big plans ahead, but I’m hoping to get it done and painted in time for Street Machine Summernats 36.”

Chris Beale
EH Holden Special

“This is my 1964 EH Special sedan. It’s my first car, and I’ve had it for 30 years now. It’s been undergoing a full rebuild for the past 15 years, and is now running a 350 Chev and a Turbo 350 trans, and rolls on Cragar DragStar wheels.

I’m building the car in remembrance of my late father, who passed away four years ago. I’m hopeful it’ll be finished this year so I can go cruising in it in memory of him.”

Ace Warde
Mazda Bravo

“This is my 1985 Mazda Bravo B2000 extra-cab project. I am currently 15 years old, and this is my first car. It had been sitting under a tree for 16 years, and one of Dad’s mates gave it to me. I plan to airbag it and make it a killer mini-truck, with the help of Dad and the family, of course.”

Jacob Podmore
Toyota Corolla panel van

“I’m in the process of turning my 1978 KE38 Corolla panel van into a burnout car. It’s already come a long way in the couple of months I’ve owned it, and thankfully it has barely any rust! The plan is to put an Ecotec V6 in it, as it will make plenty of power and will fit the budget, as I’m only 16 and plan to do all of the work myself at home with my mates.”

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