Readers’ project cars in the build

Some of the projects our readers are working on this month include a VP Commodore-based Toyota Lexcen being transformed into a VN Group A replica, a Ford XB hardtop and a chopped XP coupe


Brock Flanagan
Ford XP Falcon

“I thought it was time to lift the covers off of my 1965 XP pillarless coupe and give you guys a little sneak peak. I have owned this gorgeous girl for coming on 10 years this year. What started off as an amazing time-and-place deal that I intended to be a quick put-back-together project soon snowballed out of control.

My original plans were for a healthy little Windsor combo, but as you can see, that’s not quite gone to plan. The car has had a 2.5in roof chop thanks to the Castlemaine Rod Shop team, and a complete independent front end, once again from the Rod Shop but fitted by the magicians at Spot-On Performance. The rear end has been tubbed and a four-link fitted.

Custom engine bay fabrication work included the deletion of the factory strut towers to make way for the new powerplant: a fully blacked-out, built LS1 complete with a Holley Sniper EFI dual-throttle inlet manifold.

The shell has been coated in my own custom House of Kolor mix dubbed F*ck Off Green, because that’s what it is! I’m hoping for some real progress on her this year, as life has got in the way over the past few years.”

Craig Ferguson
Toyota Lexcen

“Ever since I can remember, my brothers and I have been tinkering with cars alongside my father. Over the years, we’ve built up quite a collection of Holdens.

My father’s passing last year reinvigorated my enthusiasm to finish some of the many projects I have on the go, even building a spray booth on my property to make the work easier.

I picked up this VP Commodore-based Toyota Lexcen around a year ago, and the plan is to change it into a VN Group A replica, doing all the work myself, from bodywork to paint to all the mechanical work.

I have a lot of work ahead of me! I have stripped the now VN to bare metal, shaved the engine bay, fitted a full VN Group A-style bodykit, and gapped all the panels and bodykit for a seamless finish. It will be running a 304 with a medium cam, and I can’t wait to get it finished.”

Barry Hammond
Ford XB Falcon

“This XB coupe was sporting an XA front from a previous owner but was riddled with terrible repairs. The rear quarter was two inches out of whack and had half a wheelie bin of bog, and there was another binful in the firewall and plenum.

It’s now got a new quarter, boot floor and plenum, and is currently getting a fresh 351 2V-headed combo and five-speed from Dalgliesh Engines.”

Dominic Briffa
Holden HJ One Tonner

“This is my project car, a 1976 HJ One Tonner. I bought the vehicle around two years ago as a first car, and it needed a bit of work. It had rust in the plenum and sills, so I picked up a new cab and immediately sent it to Muscle Car Restorations in Campbelltown, NSW.

They soda-blasted the cab, fixed the rust, epoxy-primed it and Raptor-coated the floorpan inside and out. With the cab rust free, the chassis was completely stripped down, and it’s currently getting a McDonald Brothers four-linked, nine-inch diff set-up.

The front of the chassis has also been strengthened, and after that it will be sand-blasted, ready for primer and paint. I’ve also got Viking coil-overs for the front and rear. The vehicle came with a 304 Holden V8 and five-speed manual already in it, converted back to carburettor and with a small Stage One cam.

That engine will be getting rebuilt and stroked until I move on to my ultimate goal, a 427ci big-block Chev. There’s so much more that’s been done and still to do, but the plan is to make a tough streeter and Drag Challenge car.”

Daniel Parsons
Ford Ranchero

“My 1965 Ford Ranchero was imported from America in 2019 by a good friend of mine. The car then sat for a few years until he made the heartbreaking decision to sell it.

I purchased it, and over the past couple of months, I have painted the engine bay, fitted a 302 Windsor and new C4 auto, and started replacing all the interior.

We are waiting on engineering to progress further, but I hope to be on the road and legal in a couple of months.”

Anthony Farrugia
HJ Holden Monaro GTS

“This is my 1975 HJ Monaro build that I’m tackling at home in my shed. It’s a dream project of mine, as I’ve wanted one ever since I got my licence as a young tacker.

It’s been a big project so far, as you can see, but I’m hoping to get it done this year.”

James Gazeas
Toyota Celica

“This is my 1976 RA23 Toyota Celica. It has a 377 Clevo backed by a transbraked Powerglide and a four-linked nine-inch rear end. It’s also been fully tubbed and sports a full rollcage.

The four-link and ’cage were done by Sean Mullins Race Cars, but everything else, from building the engine to cutting the tubs, was done in-house by us.

We are currently fitting a 300-shot of nitrous, changing the ignition to a later-model ICE system, and installing a Racepak iQ3 dash.

We’re changing the fuel pumps to suit the nitrous and a few other little things, but the car is 99 per cent done; it runs and drives and isn’t far off being finished.”

Got a sweet ride that’s currently in the build? Send photos of it along with some details to: In The Build, Street Machine, Unit 9/3-5 Gilda Court, Mulgrave, Vic 3170, or email [email protected]. Please note: Send us copies of your prints as we are unable to return photos.