Kevin Brown’s 202-powered EH Holden runs the quarter in the elevens

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

WHEN a 16-year-old Kevin Brown lined up his EH Holden at the Brisbane Nostalgia Drags in 2010, he turned a few heads. Then jaws dropped when he won his class! He was then told to come back when he turned 17, and has been racing ever since.

“My EH runs a 202 red on methanol. It has the head and cam out of my dad’s race engine and triple SU carbs. Behind that is a Trimatic, a 6500rpm stall and a 9in with 4.56:1 gears.

WEB EH Holden 6JpgUnder the bonnet is a 202 cube red motor running on methanol with triple SU carbs

“It ran a best of 12.1sec at Willowbank, with an Supra 5-speed and 5.0:1 gears. I would have liked to have stayed with a manual, but the auto was the best solution, dollar-wise. Now we’ve gone a best of 11.82 at 111mph and I’m hoping there is about another half a second in it with some tuning.

“I’ve been racing since I was 13. I had to do about nine months of rust repairs to it. I did the bodywork and Dad painted it.

“It has a fibreglass bonnet, guards and boot; she’s down to about 2300lb. This engine will go into Dad’s FJ and I’ll build another one with a 12-port head.

“My streeter is a grandpa-spec VK wagon, nice and low. I’d like to build another street car, maybe another EH if I can find a good one, or an LC Torana.”