We see just how much is left of our Mustang after sandblasting, then hook into the body repairs, engine build and brakes

Videographers: John-Paul Beirouty

LAST episode, we signed off with the Sidchrome 1969 Mach 1 Mustang at the sandblasters, ready to remove the factory paint. This was the moment of truth – while we knew the ’69 looked to be in good order, there was some rust visible around the windscreens, taillights and a few other spots. Blasting would reveal if that was the extent of the damage or if the car needed extensive repairs.

Project MustangMy personal mantra with this stuff is ‘hope for the best, but expect the worst’ but as it turns out, the Sidchrome Mustang was a good ‘un! There are still some rust repairs to be done – most notably to the left hand side upper door hinge pillar.

Luckily, the Team 18 crew have assembled a crack team of experts to attend to all areas of the build, including Peter Murnane of Personal Pant & Panel. In this video, we chat to Peter to see how he goes about the job to ensure a great – and lasting – result. And while Peter can fix just about anything, he recommends doing as the Sidchrome crew has done and starting with the very best car you can.

Project MustangWe also chat with Charlie Saliba about the engine build, Heath Moore from Harrop Engineering about the brakes and wheels, and Darren Febey from JRT Truck Refinishers about the paint.