Peter Mitrovski’s 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

After a 15-year resto, Peter Mitrovski finally got his Camaro on the road - just a day before lockdown

Photographers: Shaun Tanner

“THIS ’68 Camaro was my dad’s first car in Australia. He was the first Aussie owner in 1975-ish. Being a revhead, he tells stories of the Cherry Lane days of racing Monaros, Toranas and even motorbikes. Back then he did all the old-school mods. He eventually tucked it away when I was born in 1985.

“One day, a mate of mine recognised the car for what it was – a 60s V8 GM muscle car; at the time I had no idea how cool it actually was. So I decided at the ripe old age of 16 that I would restore it. It was supposed to be ready for my 18th birthday, then my 21st, and then my wedding day… I eventually I got it done after 15 years, and got it on the road just a day before we all had to go into lockdown!

“It’s had a full rotisserie resto, including a rack-and-pinion RHD conversion, flattened firewall and shaved side-markers. Up front is a 502ci big-block Chev, backed by a TKO600 five-speed and a nine-inch diff with an old-school Detroit Locker. It also runs a twin three-inch exhaust, big disc brakes and 17-inch rallye wheels. The idea was to have a clean street car without going too over the top with modifications and losing the quintessential muscle car look of its time.

“Overall, we are happy with the outcome and hope to enjoy the car on the streets for many years to come – and perhaps pass it down to the next generation. Big thank you to Dad for all the work he put in; none of this would have been possible without him.”