Mick Dariz's car history reads like a who’s who of grassroots backyard-built street machines


MICK DARIZ is your quintessential Gen-X poster boy. Whether it’s tough cars, skateboards, BMX bikes or loud music, his youthful passions are still an active part of his everyday life. Mick’s car history reads like a who’s who of grassroots street machines; all built in backyard suburbia and all cutting their teeth at infamous Sydney haunts like Brickies and Parramatta Road. Here’s Mick’s story, from our July 2014 issue…

Mick -Dariz -speedway -ToranaThe Dariz clan were regulars at Liverpool speedway in the ’70s. Here’s a young Mick (left) with sister Gabby and brother Claude leaning against Brian Callaghan’s Torana. “Speedway was huge back then and a regular family outing for us. It was front page news in the local rags and the drivers were heroes to us youngsters,” Mick says.

Mick -Dariz -Holden -Torana -LC-2“It’s 1990. Here’s my LC Torana heading to the panel shop. It was painted green with chrome everywhere and ran a 186 with triples and a four-speed. It wasn’t on the road long before it was stolen from Bankstown TAFE and never heard of again. I was gutted,” Mick remembers. “My sister’s shovelnose Corona was a typical girl’s car for that time and ended up painted with flowers [laughs].”

Mick -Dariz -Holden -FJ-1“I bought this mild custom FJ after my LC was stolen,” Mick says. “It ran a 138 grey with all of the period hop-up gear, crash box and Tasmans. Owned by hot rodder Alan Winter, it had glass-lens ’34 Chev tail-lamps, an FC number-plate surround, a shaved boot lid and moulded rear guards. Dad loved this car and was devastated when I sold it.”

Mick -Dariz -Ford -Falcon -XT“My red XW made me so happy and yet so sad. It threw a rod so I built a tougher Windsor, then later stripped the car for a full rebuild. The body was an absolute pig, full of rust and bog, so we scrapped the shell and swapped the running gear into my brother Stephen’s XT GT mock-up (pictured). It just blew the 185 tyres to pieces and was like driving on butter,” giggles Mick.

Mick -Dariz -ChargerMick’s current ride is this Hemi 265 R/T 2bbl Charger. Bought in 2006, the Charger was in good nick but had been hastily assembled. Mick’s restoring it back to factory original and methodically re-detailing the entire car. “I’d owned a Pacer for seven years which got me right into Vals. I was determined to buy a Charger and was lucky to find this before prices skyrocketed.”