John Bonham’s Model T up for sale

A whole lotta cash sought for Led Zeppelin drummer’s personal hot rod


ROCK and roll and fast cars have always gone hand in hand. Throughout history, a fair percentage of the most iconic rockers have also been car guys, and Led Zepplin’s drummer, John Bonham, was no exception.

Now, Bonzo’s own personal hot rod, a C-Cab Ford Model T-based creation built in the early 1970s, is being offered for sale on eBay for a cool £250,000 (or AU$429,281).

Not only was the car owned by the percussionist for one of rock’s most iconic outfits, but it also featured in the movie The Song Remains the Same. It was built in San Francisco by Andy ‘The Rodfather’ Brizio, the Northern Californian hot rodder behind the ‘Andy’s Instant T’, which was essentially a knock-together hot rod kit. Brizio was also the 1970 winner of the coveted America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award.

Bonham, who famously drank 40 shots of vodka on the night of his death in 1980, stumbled across the car while on tour in the States in 1974, and bought it and shipped it home to the UK. He had an insatiable passion for cars. His collection also included another Model T – a 327ci Chev-powered Bucket – as well as a 427ci ’67 Corvette, a Jensen Intercepter, a Roller, and a ’54 Ford coupe.

But the Andy’s Instant T is the best-known of Bonham’s rides, due in no small part to its appearance in the movie. It’s powered by a blown 350ci small-block Chev, which was apparently treated to a freshen-up in 2006.

Otherwise the car presents in original condition, and it’ll take a serious Led Zepp fan with very deep pockets to get the purchase done!

See the listing on ebay here.