We guarantee you've never seen a Camry quite like this before!


Looks like your run-of-the-mill Camry from the outside, right? What on earth would Street Machine want to do with one of them?

This is no ordinary Camry. In fact it’s about as far removed from the pedestrian kid carrier as you can get. Debuted at SEMA, it was right up there with the most surprising builds on show.

Those with keen eyes might’ve spotted the 335 section rear tyres. That’s not normal. Other than that it doesn’t offer any visual cues to giveaway what lies beneath. Exactly how a ‘sleeper’ should be.

And then you hear it fire up. Never has a Camry made a noise this sweet. Under that deceptive shell lurks a 5.7L 3UR-FE Toyota V8 pulled from a Toyota Tundra. When the shell lifts up off the chassis on its rear hinge, you’ll notice it also has a TRD supercharger added to the mix.

Toyota’s Motorsport Division in the United States built a tube skeleton to fit within the shape of the new Camry. The similarities stop there. This one now runs a 4-link rear end and has a bootful of nitrous to complement the blown V8.

The Camry is NHRA approved and word is it’ll run a 7-second pass with a parachute hooked up, but that would ruin the sleeper secret. Official claims are 9.8sec ETs though the car is yet to run. Hopefully that changes now SEMA is over.