Some hot Holden sixes from our Street Machine Facebook page


YESTERDAY we posted on the Street Machine Facebook page a story celebrating the Holden 202 red motor six after Holden announced it had produced its last ever engine at the Fishermans Bend plant on Tuesday. You guys responded by posting your pics of your cool Holden six-pot motors – here are some of our favourites.

Holden 202 Brodie WaldingBrodie Walding – Not dead yet, some of us still like to spend way too much money on them

Holden 202 Wayne HafemeisterWayne Hafemeister

Holden 202 Joshua MeibnerJoshua Meibner

HQ Holden 202 Damiano MicheleDamiano Michele – My old girl, God I miss her… She had a tough 202 with a YellaTerra head, Chrome 202 rocker cover, triple SU’s and a big Crow cam. She would scream all day long and sounded amazing. I never forget the time I had four slabs in the boot and three fat cants and we busted an XY with a 250 2V

Holden 202 Trav Grace1Trav Grace

Holden 202 Graeme RutgersGraeme Rutgers

Holden 202 Scott BurtonScott Burton

Holden 202 Anthony CulphAnthony Culph

Holden 202 Mike GarnerMike Garner – Love the sound of a screaming 6 around 7k

Holden 202 Michael McdonaldMichael McDonald – Long live the Holden 6

Holden 202 Matt WattsMatt Watts – Plenty left in the old red

Holden 202 Nick StilesNick Stiles – Dead? I don’t think so

Holden 202 Peter KellyPeter Kelly – Gratuitous shot

Holden 202 Mark RussellMark Russell Close

Holden 202 Graeme BorchetGraeme Borchet – 149 still purring along beautifully