Home built hero

Tony Wilson is going fast on a budget


Tony Wilson’s Torana is going fast on a budget.

Queenslander Tony ‘Nipples’ Wilson turned plenty of heads with his wheelstanding LJ Torana at the Street Machine Pro Street Nationals.

Not only was the car spectacular to watch, but it was quick too, posting a new personal best of 8.7-seconds at 155mph. The engine is a 410ci small block Chev, running on methanol fuel and with the assistance of a RNS nitrous system.

“I built the motor at home,” Tony told us. “I can’t afford to pay anyone to do it! In fact, I had to sell parts just to race today.” Tony was running in the Radial class at the Nationals, up against the likes of Rob Bertolacci and Juan Kudnig. “This is the first time I’ve raced on radial street tyres and I’ve done a personal best” Tony said. “Radial racing is where it is at.”